Filter Water Bottle vs Plastic Water Bottle

Filter Water Bottle and Plastic Water Bottle have become part of our daily lives. This is because of the need for clean drinking water that we can drink anywhere.

Aside from quenching thirst, water is the healthiest liquid you can drink. Water helps in losing weight. This is because it has absolutely zero calories. Additionally, drinking cold water can reduce calories because your body spends energy just to warm it. It suppresses appetite too and makes you feel full. On an average, the human body needs 8 to 9 cups of water per day.

In the topic of weight loss, water also helps in improving your performance while exercising. This is because they provide oxygen to all parts of your body. Water makes you feel less thirsty and tired. With this, you will perform exercises better and feel good throughout the day.

Water is also important when it comes to headaches due to dehydration. It can reduce the uneasiness caused by any headaches or migraines.

The ones above are but few of the reasons why we need readily accessible drinking water. We can find these in grocery stores or food outlets in the streets. When we get thirsty or when the weather becomes too hot, we immediately go to these outlets and buy water bottles. In most days, we carry one as we go about our day. Once it’s empty, we throw the plastic bottles in the nearest trash can.

Plastic Water Bottle

wateryThough it’s convenient to bring and buy water in plastic bottles, it does have some adverse effects. They release chemicals into the water that might be harmful. If the plastic bottle you’re using is exposed to heat, the plastic melts or breaks down. As a result, chemicals contaminate the liquid inside the bottle. This can happen anywhere such as when you’re inside a very hot room or when you leave the bottle in the car in the middle of the day.

The problem is that these chemicals lead to many chronic diseases such as diabetes and cancer. Studies involving animals revealed that said chemicals affect how the brain and immune system function. What makes this worst is that the effects are passed down to the offspring.

There is also a chance that plastic water bottles will make it harder for women to have babies. The chemicals found in water bottles may interfere with pregnancy. They are also known to disrupt the endocrine system and affect how the body functions.

Though they are easy to recycle, most people dispose of the bottles instead. Some usually just throw away the bottle after quenching their thirst. There’s a low chance some will recycle these plastics. Therefore, more plastic waste ends up in our trash. If this continues, our landfills will overflow in no time. This does not bode well for the environment.

To add insult to injury, disposable water bottles are overpriced. In case you haven’t noticed, you can get more gallons of water for the price of a single bottle. It appears that the price we pay is way too much for the convenience that comes with plastic water bottles.

Now that you know plastic water bottles are not good for you, where should you drink from then?

Filter Water Bottle

shoesThe Filter Water Bottle is a great alternative if you want to avoid chemicals, save money, and protect the environment. Just like plastic water bottles, you can bring them anywhere whether you’re at work or while you’re on a vacation. The built-in filter means you’re assured that the water you’re drinking is free of harmful chemicals.

Filter bottles remove lead, chlorine, and other contaminants from the water before they make it to your stomach. As a result, this reduces your risk of cancer and other diseases such as rheumatism or arthritis. Filtered water prevents kidney stones from building up. Aside from this, it retains healthy mineral deposits in the water as well. All of these also make drinking water smell and taste better. You’ll feel better and have overall greater health.

All of these are true not only for drinking water. You can use the clean water from the filter bottles for taking a bath or cooking. Filter bottles ensure the water you’re using is free from harmful chemicals. At the same time, the beneficial minerals are not filtered out.

Clean water encourages you to drink more water. When it comes to fitness, water helps in weight loss since it can curb appetite and has zero calories. Water regulates your temperature while you’re exercising. It also boosts brain function and energy levels. If you’re a health-conscious person, filter water bottles then are good for you.

A filter bottle provides you with healthy water at a lesser price compared to that of a plastic water bottle. You’ll also contribute to the sustainability of the planet by reducing plastic waste from ending up in the landfills.

Puritii Water Bottle and Filter

If you’re looking for a filter water bottle, the leading health and wellness company ARIIX has exactly what you need. Introducing Puritii, your new urban companion when it comes to clean drinking water.

This filter water bottle has a unique filtration system. It has antimicrobial properties that make it easy to maintain. No competition comes close. Even experts say that Puritii deserves a category of its own due to its unmatched capabilities.


Puritii is made out of Triton plastic. This material does not leak and contains no bisphenol. Unlike plastic bottles, this does not tear when exposed to heat. The bottle is FDA-approved and many third parties can attest to its safety after various stringent testing.

What makes this better is that drinking water from Puritii is as easy as drinking water from a straw. It looks like a regular tumbler as well which means you can basically carry your Puritii filter water bottle anywhere.

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