Natural Skin Care Products for an Amazing Skin

Natural skin care products that help you achieve the amazing skin you’re looking for are not that very hard to find. These skin care items are definitely the products you can recommend to friends and family. They are safe to use and you can apply them every single day without worrying about harmful side effects. There is no question that these items do wonders for your face.

Natural Skin Care Products

Essential Oils

The oils extracted from various plants offer medicinal and therapeutic benefits. All throughout history, people use essential oils to treat ailments or maintain wellness. Some even have spiritual value and, as a result, becomes part of a culture or religion. These natural skin care products are also popular because they encourage positive moods and long life. The essential oils have nutrients that the body can easily absorb. Below are few of the many plants that have essential oils beneficial for the skin.

Basil works wonders for sensitive skin and can ease the pain caused by insect bites.

Chamomile is another plant good for sensitive skin and it can ease skin diseases related to inflammation.

Frankincense is proven to tighten and tone the skin, perfect as anti-aging agent.

Lavender heals irritated skin and it can even disinfect wounds.

Lemon grass can definitely improve the skin’s natural glow. It is extracted into liquid form and used as skin toner and astringent.

These are but few of the many plants that are beneficial to the skin once the essential oils are extracted. Before using, consult a health professional or a doctor to ensure that your skin won’t react negatively to the oils.


parsleyOne of the many natural skin care products that even celebrities recommend is the parsley. Parsley is usually chopped and sprinkled on different European and Asian dishes. It is also used as garnish in many American, Middle Eastern, and Brazilian meals.

When it comes to the skin, parsley offers a number of benefits. It hydrates the skin, boosts the skin’s natural glow, and even relieves redness. This is all due to the high vitamin K content of the plant.

Another vitamin that found abundant in parsley is vitamin C. It provides nourishment for the skin as well as reducing wrinkles and scars.

Extracting its juice and mixing it with yogurt can create a mixture that reduces dark circles under the eyes. You may also dip cotton balls in the parsley juice and place them on the affected area for a few minutes.

This face mask recipe is so simple that you can do it yourself. Chop the parsley, mix it with apple cider vinegar and yogurt to create the facial mask. Apply it on your face for 15 minutes. You may also look up for other variations of the parsley face mask recipes online, one that you think is more suitable for your needs.


There are many fad DIY beauty regimen but there’s no question when it comes to honey. It promotes smooth and clean skin that many can confirm it really works.

Applying it directly to your skin can help fight aging and acne. This is because honey has antibacterial properties, making it great for preventing and treating acne. It is also full of antioxidants which helps to slow down the skin’s aging process. Your skin will look more toned and less wrinkled if you use honey.

Additionally, it can moisturize the skin and open up pores. Just leave the instant honey face mask for 30 minutes before rinsing with warm water. It provides a complexion boost by giving the skin the moisture it needs to look better.

Mix it with baking soda to create a gentle yet effective exfoliating solution. Honey is rich in enzymes and nutrients that cleanses the skin. On the other hand, baking soda gets rid of dead cells and encourages new cells to emerge. With the combined power of both, you will get a radiant and glowing skin in no time.

Konjac Sponges

girlsNothing touches your skin in an extremely gentle manner as a konjac sponge. Whoever thought of creating this revolutionary cleansers from the natural fibers of the konjac plant is a genius. It comes in many cute shapes but most notable are the heart and the teardrop ones. The Japanese, who discovered the use of these fibers, has flawless skin thanks to this tiny miracle.

The konjac sponge can rub off dead skin cells, clear dirt, and other skin impurities in a delicate manner. This facial massage wonder cleanses the skin without drying it or making it look dull.

Since the materials are all natural, they are safe to use on your tender face. Some say that the konjac sponge is like the loofah but softer, promising more skin care benefits than the latter is already capable of providing.

Recently, it’s popularity is due to its benefits in makeup application. It makes the makeup stay on longer in your face, thus significantly reducing costs. Later during the day, you can use the konjac sponge to easily remove the makeup from your face. Isn’t that neat? Not even the most stubborn of makeup can resist the power of the adorable konjac sponge.

Other Natural Skin Care Products

Jouve TightenerThe ones mentioned above are only a sample of the many other natural skin care products. There are plenty of options out there that are within reach.

Speaking of other skin care products with exceptional benefits, Jouvé Instant Tightening and Restoring Serum is one product you can’t go wrong with. If you’re having trouble with pesky wrinkles, Jouvé can help you get rid of wrinkles within seconds after applying!

It can tighten and reduce wrinkles on your skin. This makes your skin look and feel smoother than before. On top of that, it uses only safe ingredients to ensure that you won’t get any harmful side effects. After all, beauty is effortless and should not come with a price.

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