Just Natural Skin Care Products and Sleep

Just natural skin care products and a beauty sleep can actually make you beautiful despite what you might think. These two play an important role in making you look and feel good.

Using only natural products for your skin is a good option to steer clear of the chemicals found in most cosmetics. As for beauty sleep, it is actually essential to skin repair. If you employ both of these tactics, you’ll achieve a healthier and younger skin.

Give your skin the rest it truly deserves by providing it with proper sleep and non-toxic ingredients. With the dynamic duo, you’ll reduce the visible signs of fatigue and aging. Wake up to a new and better version of yourself with the help of these tips:

Pretty With Just Natural Skin Care

make upContrary to what you might think, your skin acts more like a sponge than a wall. The skin tends to absorb the chemicals you put on your skin. Since an average individual rubs and sprays a dozen of skin care products daily, imagine what would happen to the skin absorbing all these chemicals. To be fair, cosmetic companies do say the items they make are safe to use. But you can never really tell because your skin react might differently to the chemicals. You’re also not sure how these items affect your skin as time goes by. Another important thing to note is how these varying products respond to each other when used simultaneously.

When it comes to skincare products, a sure fire way to keep your skin from chemical exposure is to keep it simple. You’re good to go with just a cleaner, toner, moisturizer, and sunscreen. All others, despite how trendy the name sounds, is just icing on the cake.

Another way is to make sure that you’re getting just natural skin care items. Research and study how to read product labels to get an idea which ones are natural and which ones are not. Just because it has “natural” on the label does not mean it completely is. Some of these may be toxic to your skin. Even salt looks like sugar, as they would say.

Last but not the least, why not make the natural skin care treatments yourself? If you really want to make sure that you’re only using natural ingredients, research and make your own. There are plenty of resources for DIY skin care treatments out there. Just make sure that the ones you’re using are proven safe and effective. To do this, you’ll need a lot of research.

Pretty As Sleeping Beauty

Using just natural skin care products is not the only way to unleash your inner beauty. You can actually stay pretty by sleeping! You might think that you’re slacking off from your beauty routine while you’re sleeping. However, sleep is actually quite essential. This is the chance for the body to repair your skin. If you had a good sleep, you’ll notice that everything about you feels good. This includes your hair and skin, they will look and feel fresh in the morning.

In line with this, there are tips you can follow in order to level up your beauty sleep game. One is to buy a silk or satin pillowcase. The texture is easy on your face and skin. It may even soften fine lines and wrinkles. Satin and silk is also easy on the hair. You won’t wake up with a bird’s nest of a hair with satin/silk pillows. Speaking of pillowcases, make sure you wash them on a regular basis. You would not want to rest your skin on a nest of bacteria. Make it a point to wash them twice a week if your time allows it.

morningAnother factor to consider when sleeping is the position. Sleeping on the back puts less pressure on the face and skin. As a result, this avoids wrinkles and creasing. If you’re fond of sleeping on one side, do note that it may lead to more wrinkles on that side. Lying flat may also cause puffy eyes because fluid gathers around your eyes as you sleep.

Similarly, try not to eat salty foods or drink alcohol several hours before sleeping. Every time you consume potato chips or booze, your body gets dehydrated. In order to compensate, it forms natural fluids around the eyes.

Use a Nourishing Night Cream

You can actually use a beauty product made out of natural ingredients while you sleep. Introducing Jouvé Nourishing Night Cream, a nighttime skin care system that’s safe and effective. While you’re sleeping, the body repairs the skin. This process is crucial to keeping your skin looking young and fresh. Nourishing Night Cream helps in this process to give the skin the rest it needed. This prevents dull skin, dark circles, under-eye bags, and many other problems. You’ll be sure to feel refreshed first thing when you wake up.

Jouve Nourishing Night CreamNourishing Night Cream not only gives you an improved beauty sleep but it also uses the safest ingredients there is. Below are but few of the natural ingredients that are included in the Night Cream to bring out the best in you:

Buddleja Stem Cells are derived from butterfly bushes. These are known to improve the body’s process to protect itself. Aside from that, it soothes and calms the skin.

Gatuline In-Tense is an extract from Spilanthes Acmella flowers. This extract makes the skin feel more tight and firm. As a result, you’ll look fresh and young throughout the day.

Prodizia or Albizia Julibrissan Bark Extract comes from Persian silk trees. This assists in the restorative process happening to your body while you sleep. Thus, it makes the skin look less exhausted and feel more refreshed.

These are but few of the just natural skin care ingredients in Nourishing Night Cream. This will certainly improve the way your body restores your skin during bedtime.

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